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Cake serving sizes must be the most frustrating part of cake decorating. When I first started decorating cakes I got very confused about what size to bake my cake as there are literally 1,000’s of individual tables and guides on the web and none of them agree in regards to serving sizes!

American serving sizes seem to be different than Australian serving sizes and I would get quite overwhelmed when trying to work out what size cake to bake. So I decided to keep a record of my cakes and I would always ask for feedback on how it all went and were the serving sizes sufficient.

Then I collated all the feedback I had received, took a significant number of figures from the web and created a table that averaged out all the information I found and put it into a format I understood and could easily reference. I referenced sites like Wilton, Cake Avenue, Cake Decorator Association of Western Australia and Craftsy to name a few as well as reviewed hundreds of charts on Pinterest.

Remember to keep in mind that the number of cake serves you get from a particular cake size will depend on a few things...


I have based my servings on the standard accepted serving sizes which are:

Coffee / Wedding: 2.5cm x 2.5cm x height of cake (1inch x 1 inch x height of cake)

Dessert Size: 2.5cm x 5.0cm x height of cake (1inch x 2 inches x height of cake)


The following diagrams give you an idea on how to cut a round and square cake to get the most servings from them, however, as I stated above will the cake cutting be done by a professional caterer?

A professional will usually be able to get more serves out of the cakes as they are very familiar with serving sizes and they know how to cut a cake suited to the occasion.

If you are not sure always err on the side of caution. I never assume that not everyone will have some cake so I try to make them at least to the requested catered size or slightly larger.

Shapes such as ovals, hearts and hexagons will give roughly the same number of portions as a round cake of the same size.  Keep in mind that square cakes are easier to cut into rows of neat and tidy portions than round cakes.


The following should give you an idea on the number of servings you will get from individual cakes and tiered cakes – round and square. These are just a guide and as I stated above I always err on the size of caution and make my cakes a little larger if I am not 100% confident. I would rather do this than find out that there was not enough cake to serve all the guests.

       1 TIER ROUND

       2 TIERS ROUND                                                                3 TIERS ROUND

     4 TIERS ROUND                                                               5 TIERS ROUND

       1 TIER SQUARE

        2 TIERS SQUARE                                                                3 TIERS SQUARE

           4 TIERS SQUARE                                                               5 TIERS SQUARE

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