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You can never have too many fondant modelling tools as they are invaluable for shaping and imprinting – they can help you achieve lifelike flowers, leaves and for sculpting and marking patterns in fondant decorations and cakes.

The following examples show the main modelling tools available and what they are primarily used for – however remember that you can use whatever tool you like that works for you.

Bone Modelling Tool – with large and small tip

One of the most essential items in your kit – this is used to create (cup) flower centres for a more open look and is used to shape and soften flower petals (like filler flowers). It can also be used for moulding, shaping and thinning leaves.

Veining Tool - with large tip and small tip

Also known as the Flower Leaf Tool - This tool adds detail to gum paste leaves and flowers. It acts like a pen to carve and add texture into the surface of the decorations. It can also be used to make thin or wide veins on leaves and flowers. The larger end has a wide curved edge to add a curl to the edge or round a petal.

Ball Tool - with large tip and small tip

This tool is great for cupping and smoothing any size gum paste or fondant petal without tearing. It is used to thin the edges of gum paste leaves and petals.

Scallop and Comb Tool

This tool can be used to make serrated edges or mark small shapes. The shell end creates simple embossed shell patterns on cakes particularly for around edges and borders

Cone Tool with Serrated Opposite End

Use cone side to create a larger well in centre of flower for stamen placement and tops of buds. The serrated end is used to emboss a star pattern or mark divisions in tubular flowers. It can also be used to add veining and dot details.

Umbrella Tool with 6-division side and 5-division side

This tool is used to add detail to flower throats and tops of buds. You can also create flower petals by spearing the desired side of tool (5-sided or 6-sided end) into top of fondant bud and then shaping for effect.

Blade Tool

This tool can be used to trim petals, leaves and any other decorations that require a fine cut.

Thick and Thin Modelling Sticks

These are sticks with thin and thick points, used for frilling and ruffling petals and leaves. They can also be used as small rolling pins for small amounts of gum paste. You can also wrap pieces of gum paste around the sticks to form tubes or curved flowers.

Wheel Tool with Quilting, Wavy and Cutting Wheel Tips

The quilting tip makes quilt stitches on fondant and can be used to make a pretty pattern on the gum paste petals. The cutting wheel is great for cutting stripes of gum paste or fondant and the wavy tip can be used for embossing patterns in your fondant.

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