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It can be very difficult sometimes to judge exactly how much icing or fondant you are going to need for a particular project, especially if you are new to cake decorating. Making too much or too little can be an utter waste of time and end up costing you needless money if you can't freeze your extra icing or use the fondant for another project.

During my research I found a variety of lists and charts and many of them were inconsistent. In the end I reviewed all of them and put together a chart that should give you a pretty good idea of what amounts you will need when you are covering your cake. The measurements for the fondant assumes that you are using standard rolled fondant that is rolled  about 3 mm or slightly thicker to get good coverage without a bulky thickness and less chance of tearing.

The buttercream amounts are very general and will allow for filling the cake or doing top and bottom borders. It obviously does not take into account if you want a thick, truly decadent layer of buttercream rather than an efficient one.

If you have a cake pan that does not fit these sizes then look at the closest in size and estimate how much fondant or buttercream you might need to cover the cakes.

How much fondant and buttecream do you need to cover a cakeBack