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In this tutorial I will show you how to cover a cake board in fondant.



Make sure the work surface is clean and free of any crumbs. I use a non-stick rolling mat so I do not need to dust – however if you are rolling out on a different surface dust liberally with cornflour or icing sugar.

Knead fondant for a couple of minutes to soften. Just remember that kneading icing is not like kneading dough. If you keep pummelling it will stick to the board and become unmanageable - treat your icing a bit like play dough, keep folding it in until it is smooth, warm and pliable but does not stick to the bench.

Roll out the fondant slightly larger than the required size of the cake board (in this example the cake board is 35.5cm - 14 inch).


With the cake board close, lift the rolled fondant with the rolling pin and slide the cake board underneath. If it does not quite cover the entire board use the rolling pin to roll out so the fondant is slightly larger than the board.


Cut off any excessive fondant as it will make the board easier to handle. Use the fondant smoother to gently remove any indentations, marks etc., from the fondant.

This would be the stage where you would use rollers, impression mats etc., if you wanted to add imprints on your cake board.


At this step you need to decide if you are going to edge your cake board with some ribbon or not.

If you are going to edge with ribbon you will need to hold the sharp knife at right angles

(90 degrees / straight up and down) against the cake board edge when you cut off the

excess fondant. This will ensure that you have a straight edge to place the ribbon against

and there will not be a gap between the ribbon and the fondant.

If you are not going to use a ribbon border then you need to hold the sharp knife at a

45 degree angle when you cut off the excess fondant – this will give you a neater –

more finished look.

In this example I am cutting with a 45 degree angle as I do not intend to use ribbon on the board.


Keeping the knife at a consistent angle turn the board with your hand as you cut off the excess fondant. The cake board is now ready to be used. I always try and cover my boards at least 1 week prior to needing them – this allows the fondant plenty of time to dry (this way it does not mark when placing your cake and decorations on it)

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