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In this tutorial I will show you how to make a fondant owl that you can use on cupcakes or cakes.


Take a small amount of ivory and dark brown fondant and mix together into 3 batches so that you end up with 3 different shades of brown plus some ivory and dark brown fondant.  Make sure you cover in plastic or in plastic bags so they do not dry out whilst you are creating the owl.  


Knead a small amount of the dark brown fondant until soft and pliable, create a ball (slightly off round) approximately 3 cm high as per photo below. Cut the top off a toothpick and insert the cut end into the body – this will help hold the head of the owl on.

Take a small amount of dark brown and knead until soft and pliable. Cut out 4 small circles and glue around the base of the owl’s body.

Take the darkest of the mixed browns and cut out 3 small circles and glue over the previous circles between the joins.

Continue each row with a lighter fondant until you reach the top of the body, depending on how you place the circles you may end up with 3 or 4 rows of brown circles. To finish you should only need 2 small ivory circles to complete the front.

Roll out a small amount of dark brown fondant and cut out 2 oval shapes. Apply a small amount of glue to the sides of the body and attached the ovals – these form the wings of the owl.


Take a small amount of dark brown and knead until soft and pliable and form into an oval ball approximately 2 cm diameter and 3 cm long.

Roll out some ivory fondant and cut 2 small circles. Take a small amount of black fondant and make 2 circles smaller than the ivory circles (I just rolled out a small ball and flattened into a small circle). Glue on 2 white pearls (you could use a tiny ball of ivory fondant here).

Glue to eyes to the oval ball and then stick on over the matchstick on to the body.

Note to self: next time don’t glue on straight away – give glue time to set on pearls – I noticed too late that one of the pearls slipped and my owl has a wonky eye later on!

Roll 2 very small balls of the dark brown fondant and form to sausage shapes with thin ends on both sides as per the 2nd photo below. Glue these to the head – shaping from between the eyes and around the side of the head to form the owls feather ears.

Roll out some orange fondant, cut 2 small circles, shape into a pear shape and mark 2 indents with the knife to form the owl’s feet. Use a small amount of glue and attach to the body.

Roll out another small amount of orange fondant and cut out a small heart. Cut off the top of the heart and use the triangle bend and shape into a small beak. Glue the beak to the owls face as per photo 4 below.

Place the owl in a safe, dry place to dry until you need to use it to decorate your cake or cupcake.

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