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In this tutorial I will show you how to make a gum paste unicorn topper that you can use on a cake. The unicorn turns out approximately 8 cm high – if you require one smaller you can just reduce the quantity of gum paste used.

I suggest you allow at least 4 days to make the unicorn as this allows for sufficient time for the gum paste to dry at each step otherwise it may not hold its shape well.



Using 40 grams of gum paste knead until soft and pliable, split into 4 x 10 gram balls and roll each ball into a sausage shape to create the legs. Insert a toothpick into the centre of the shape. Try to make sure that all 4 legs are a similar length so that the body is even.


Take a small amount of gum paste (approximately 1 gram), knead until soft and pliable then roll into a ball and then flatten with your finger. Apply a small amount of glue and stick to the base of the leg (this forms your hoof). Repeat this for each of the other 3 legs.

If you wish to have the hooves painted in gold (or any other colour) this is the time to do this as it is much easier to paint them before they are on the unicorn.

You will need to allow the legs to dry standing upright and straight for at least 2 days to become strong enough to hold the weight of the unicorns body.


Knead 90 grams of gum paste until soft and pliable, roll into a sausage shape and then shape approximately 1/3 of the length ball upwards to form the unicorn’s neck. Don’t worry too much if you have some creases as these will be covered by the mane.

Glue the legs onto the body, push a toothpick into the centre of the neck as shown in the 3rd picture below and then place somewhere to dry for at least another day. I find that if you dry the neck leaning up against something (I used a piece of cardboard for this one) it helps to maintain the neckline until the gum paste has dried sufficiently to hold its shape.


Knead 25 grams of gum paste until soft and pliable and shape into a teardrop shape. Use the blade tool (or a knife) to make the mouth and then use the pointy end of the modelling stick to make 2 holes for the nostrils at the smaller end of the shape.

Using the larger end of the ball tool make 2 indents on the larger side of the teardrop shape to form the eyes. Take a very small amount of coloured fondant (in this example I used blue but you could use whatever colour you like) and push into the eye holes and then flatten with the large end of the ball tool.

Use the modelling stick to make a very small hole in the coloured eye and push in an extremely small amount of black to form the eye ball. You can then glue in a white hundred & thousand into the eye ball for a better effect.

Glue the head onto the neck and support until the head has adhered to the body.


Knead 5 grams of gum paste until soft and pliable and shape into a cone. Put aside to dry.

Shape 2 grams of gum paste into small triangle shapes, using the modelling stick shape into ears. Glue both the ears and the horn onto the unicorns head.


Paint the horn gold to match the hooves. Using your coloured gum paste (or fondant) roll thin sausage strips and glue along the neck line to create the mane and on the rump to create the tail. Continue until you have created a full mane and tail.

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