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         Tips, Techniques and Tutorials for the Beginner Cake Decorator

Tips & Techniques


When starting out I found it very time consuming trying to find tips and techniques on tools, where to buy items and lots of other information. So my intention is to place information on this page that may help you in your creative hobby of cake decorating. I have tried both buttercream and fondant techniques. My preference is for using fondant, therefore much of my information is based around this technique.


It Costs HOW Much for a Custom Cake!

Essential Items for the Beginner Cake Decorator

A Guide to what went Wrong with my Cake

4 Ways to Level a Cake

Fondant and Buttercream - Some Tips

How much Fondant and Buttercream do you Need to Cover a Cake

Cake Serving Size Guide

Tips for Colouring Fondant

How to Cover a Cake Board with Fondant

How to Buttercream and Cover your Cake with Fondant

How to Stack a Cake using Straws

The Difference between Gum Paste and Fondant

What are Lustre, Rainbow and Petal Dust?

Fondant Modelling Tools and their Uses

Tips on How to Make Edible Cake Lace