Tsunami Birthday Cake
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About Me

I’m not a professional or expert - I am a full-time working mum who took up cake decorating as a hobby so I could make cakes for my son. My husband, son and I live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. My son is anaphylactic to nuts and is also now dairy intolerant so I initially made his birthday cakes so that I knew what ingredients were in them. His first birthday cake in 2007 was a number 1 with blue buttercream icing and butterflies made from chocolate freckles. Each birthday I challenged myself and found it to be a very satisfying creative outlet. Then family members, friends and work colleagues asked me to make cakes for them - so in November 2013 I started taking some basic cake decorating classes to learn some of the decorating techniques that I thought I should master. I started this website to showcase my cakes and provide information I have learnt along the way that may help you in your hobby of cake decorating.

My Progress in Photos

The following photos track the improvement in my cake decorating since I started undertaking some courses in late 2013 just before I made my son’s 7th birthday cake. Up until this time I had just decorated with little idea on the best ways to tackle things and so some of the cakes took me hours to complete. Perhaps one day I will have a go at redoing some of the early ones for fun!
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